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    Fly Gel (Imidaclopride2.15% w/w.)

    Rs. 47.00 Rs. 45.00

    Product Description:Fly Gel is the most advanced gel available, providing a cleaner, smarter, safer, faster and more efficient method of Fly controls. It contains Imidaclopride2.15% w/w.

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  • Fly Gel (Imidaclopride2.15% w/w.)

    Rs. 47.00

    Fly Gel (Imidaclopride2.15% w/w.)

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  • K-Othrine Flow

    Rs. 1,600.00

    Active Ingredient:Deltamethrin 2.5% Recommended Uses: The K Othrine Flow we offer is useful for effective control of cockroaches, houseflies and mosquitoes in houses as a residual spray o

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  • Quick Bayt

    Rs. 655.00Rs. 3,500.00

    Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid 0.5% w/w RB Introduction Quick Bayt is a highly effective and advanced fly control ‘paint-on’ solution. It has an excellent knockdown rate

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  • Responsar Bayer

    Rs. 940.00

    Active Ingredient: Beta Cyfluthrin 2.45%SC Recommended uses: Responsar has broad spectrum activity and is especially useful for management of insect pests like housef

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