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  • Agenda For Termites

    Rs. 535.00Rs. 1,090.00

    Agenda  For Termites

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  • Bayer Agenda 25C

    Rs. 225.00Rs. 1,050.00

    Active Ingredient: Fipronil 2.92% EC(w/w) Recommended Uses:Agenda can be used for control of termites in the buildings through pre-construction as well as post-construction anti termit

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  • Premise 30.5SC

    Rs. 920.00Rs. 17,000.00

    Recommended Uses Premisecan be used in both Pre-construction as well as Post-construction anti termite treatment Packs:250ml and 5 litre

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  • Premise for Termites

    Rs. 940.00Rs. 17,320.00

    Premise for Termites

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