Disinfectant Sanitizing Services Jaipur Ajmer, Disinfectant & Sanitizing (ULV) Spray Services Jaipur Ajmer

Disinfectant or Sanitizing Spray Treatment is vital to get rid of harmful microbes and viruses. We provide quality disinfectant or Sanitizing services in Ajmer, Jaipur and all across Rajasthan.

Helpline no:+91-9829070419 Keep Virus Free your area Jaipur and Ajmer.


Disinfectant or Sanitizing Treatment:

1) The application of disinfectant or sanitizing treatment is most relevant in the pharmaceutical industry. Along with the proper service, it has to be made sure that no side effects occur due to the process.

2) We take sufficient care to ensure both. The disinfectant or sanitation service is essential since the virus and bacteria spread many diseases. The various cases of flu and epidemics, the world witnessed in recent decades has been attributed to viruses.

3) The pharmaceutical industry especially needs to avail of this service. A lot of patients with weak immunity avail medical services every day. Proper disinfectant or sanitizing treatment is required in these places.

4) We provide formaldehyde fumigation to our clients of Ajmer and Jaipur. Formaldehyde has been proven to be the best answer to viruses.

5) We apply the content in just about the perfect proportion, to not cause any side effects after the process. An ultra-low fogger machine is used for the fumigation process.


Once the disinfectant or sanitation spray service is done in Jaipur and Ajmer you can enjoy the following benefits.

1. Complete reduction in bacteria concentration
2. Disinfects in hardly 5 mins of duration
3. No odor after the fumigation
4. Zero toxic residue
5. No toxic fumes
6. Performed with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Sprayer.
7. Kills all types of viruses like HIV, Norovirus, and Parvovirus etc.
8. Fumigated space will be ready for use within a very short time

The entire process is completely eco-friendly. The treatment is guaranteed to reduce a wide range of bacteria species. You can use the disinfectant or Sanitizing spray treatment to sanitize rooms, work surfaces, cars, etc.

Helpline no:+91-9829070419 Keep Virus Free your area Jaipur and Ajmer.