Being an adroit and accomplished control company we have formulated a few terms and conditions. Therefore, we do pledge that users should make it a point to eye out those at once prior to using our website. The documented terms and conditions permit you to address to our website where you can access the service we offer and have availability to the contents penned on our site.

Once you read up the contents, make sure to tick the checkbox attached with it in order to accept the documented terms and conditions. Ticking it right means that you do hereby acknowledge abiding by the said terms and conditions rules. In case, if you don’t tick the right mark in the checkbox automatically you will be barred from accessing or using our website.

Additionally, remember that the website is available to users who are above eighteen years of age to enlighten us with adequate information so that we can provide you the summoned service that you expect from us or have the empowerment to enter into any kind of agreement henceforth.

Once you start using the website, you actually notify and warrant the company that you are a legalized user with proper age eligibility. Once again in case if you don’t fulfil the eligibility requisite make sure not to use our website.

Changes might take place:

We do hereby notify users that there might be a required change in the terms and conditions from time to time at our sole circumspection. The changes will immediately come into effect the moment it is uploaded on our site. If you continue to access the site even after the revised terms and conditions, it automatically applies your acceptance to new terms and conditions. We request you to keep an eye on the terms and conditions page every time you roll up on the site so that you can be watchful of the revised terms and conditions if there are any.

Security of account:

As the owner of the website with respect to our sole disposition, we have the authority to withdraw or amend any content or service pertaining to our site without any prior notification. In fact, we can limit your access to a certain region of the website. In addition to that, we hereby notify that in order to use the website you might be asked to provide the details of your registration. In that case, you need to be sure that the information you provide is true to your words and complete. But suppose if you provide any information which is related to something like a password, or user name that is considered as confidential to ensure the security of the user. You also need to assure that your account is solely yours and you are not going to allow others to have access to it. Additionally, we also pledge to get an instant notification from you in case of illegal access to the site or in case of violation of the security. On top of that, always do confirm that you properly exit after each login.