Anti Termite Piping

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment | Anti Termite Piping System:

Pipe Reticulation Technique is a relatively new system that helps to check the infestation of termites into the building. It is also known as Anti Termite Piping Treatment. This system has proved to extremely useful in the treatment of termites as it is not possible to secure the soil from which the termites can get inside the building. So, in this method, we use the Low Linear Density Polythene pipes, which are laid in the building during the Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment, before the flooring is laid. The same kind of process shall be performed at the external periphery of the building as well. This installation at the infrastructure is very cost-effective and secures the building easily from termites. We have successfully installed the anti-termite piping services in Jaipur.

Advantages of the Process:

Drilling is not needed to pump the pesticide.

No need to store articles in the area for the treatment.

Eco-friendly pesticides used.

Pesticide filling will be done through filling points which will be outside the building.

The pesticide filling will protect the complete area from termites.

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