Rodent Control

We Use Best Chemicals For Eradicating Rodents…

Are you facing rodent problems in your home? Then you must surely take some steps so that you can put an end to this ordeal as soon as possible. Well, we at Pest Control Services can provide you with a one-of-a-kind service which will facilitate your home to get rid of this pest in no time at all. We offer top quality rodent control services at reasonable prices. We use the best chemicals which are free from toxic elements for eradicating rodents from your home.

We provide services by incorporating effective treatment plans which will keep your home free from rodents. In order to provide an effective check on rodents, we use 2 processes namely –

  • Trapping – We use glue traps at specific locations and this will assist in trapping rats.
  • Baiting – Our baiting process uses accredited chemicals which help in eradicating rodents with great ease.
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