12 Things You Should Know About Termite Control

Termite Control, 12 Things You Should Know About Termite Control

Damage due to the Termites wreck enlists in the top severe damages in India with around 10-25 percent in field and forest crops. The same number follows the residential and commercial property losses. This includes furniture, valuable papers, and timber wood floors as well. So, there is no wonder that termites are one of the dangerous pests one can see around.

Even the National Pest Management Association suggests every household approach a reputed service for Termite Control at Home for Inspection every 2-3 years.

Pest Control Services, being the most preferable choice for Termite Treatment in Jaipur can be your best companion in both treatment and prevention of Termites in your premises. But, if you are curious about termite control methods, here are a few essential things you should know.

1. Reduce Moisture:

Termites thrive in moist environments to survive on the wooden structure. Besides, they are highly water-dependent when it comes to populating in a new space. Thus, you need to get rid of moisture in both the reachable and unreachable places in your living space. Moist space underneath the floor can also favor the growth of termites, so termite prevention methods are important.

2. Seal cracks and holes:

All the leftover, unwanted cracks and holes are the entry points for the termites. Thus, you should hire a professional service for Termite Control in Jaipur as soon as possible to seal such entry points for either pipes or utilities.

3 . Keep your properties away from soil: 

The basic technique to avoid termite infestation is to keep their food away from their reach. You should make sure that all the valuable wooden furniture of your residential and commercial properties doesn’t meet with soil as it is perfect for tunnels.

4. Keep wood away from the yard: 

Getting your wooden properties closer to the yard can simplify the reach of termites to enter your house. So, it is better to keep your things away from the garden or yard. The best way to ensure this is to make an insulated boundary between the yard or garden.

5 . Termite Resistant paint could help: 

You can find dedicated termite-resistant paint for all wooden valuables such as furniture and decors. These paints don’t attract the termite and thus reduces the infestation to a great extent.

6 .  Ensure proper ventilation:

Lack of proper ventilation results in moisture build-up with humid surroundings that attract termites to a great extent. Dedicated services for Pest Control in Jaipur can help you ensure such a favorable ventilated space to keep it away from termites.

7. Eliminate stagnant water:

Stagnant water attracts all kinds of pests including termites as the water can be a key for their survival. So, you need to eliminate all such obstructions around your living place or working space to prevent termite infestation.

8. Maintain distance from plants:

Alongside soil and moisture, plants should also be kept away from your property as they can supply the required moisture to populate the termites. You should keep on changing the place of oxygen-based plants inside your living space to make sure there are no traces of infestation.

9. Replace weather-stripping:

Adverse conditions resulting from the weather changes can create favorable space for termites. So, it is better to apply a weather strip to all the potential entry points. Professionals can help you detect such entry points.

 10. Avoid congested space:

You should manage your place in a spacious way by maintaining gaps in between furniture placements.

11. Use gutters and splash blocks to divert water:

To get rid of water storage, you can use gutter and splash blocks so that termites won’t stand a chance on your property.

12. Regular inspection with professionals:

It is better to approach an experienced professional service with all kinds of advanced equipment to find the traces of infestation.

Pest Control Service can help you with the best possible inspection with dedicated teams of highly experienced professionals and gadgets to trace out every single place of infestation around your premises. Besides, advanced equipment complemented with effective techniques ensures the best termite prevention.

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