5 Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places 

, 5 Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places 

One of the most irritable things that can cause the utmost inconvenience in daily tasks is a disturbance in sleep. Bed bugs are one of the main reasons which cause intense irritation with itches, scars, and marks on your skin. The bed area affected by bed bugs is literally hell for the users after daylong stress and a busy working schedule throughout the weeks.

Thus, one should call Pest Control Services as soon as traces of bed bugs are detected on beds. Opting for emergency services is probably the best choice in such a scenario.

Hiring professionals is essential for bed bugs treatment as finding the bugs is the toughest task without ripping off the mattress. But, there are some hiding places which one should surely look through while searching for bed bugs. They are unusual but surely the best places for bed bugs to hide. Some such places are

1. Stuffed Toys: – Kids love stuffed toys and often sleep with them on the bed. But, such stuffed toys are the best place for bed bugs to hide. While searching for such bugs, you must search in these toys as well; chances are most of them will be hiding in these toys. 

The best way is to trim the fur of the stuffed toys to some extent without destroying its quality to detect the bugs. However, a professional pest control service is probably best for a safe and smooth treatment technique. They use high-end effective chemicals with advanced equipment for the treatment of bed bugs which will ensure long term relief from such bugs around your bed area.

2. Seats, Carpet, and vents of all seats: – Almost everything that has fur or cotton stuffed inside them is the hiding place for bed bugs if not cleaned frequently. Seats of every chair that are present in your house may have bed bugs that are hard to find in the beginning.

You can come to know about the bed bugs only when you feel itches and marks all over your skin. Thus, it is always best to take professional help for cleaning such seats using efficient chemicals and equipment. Make sure that such seats are always cleaned with vacuum cleaners to remove all kinds of debris and dirt inside them which leads to the infestation of bed bugs.

3. Seats of school buses: – School and public Buses are most prone to bed bugs as people can carry the bugs from one place to another easily without even noticing. Besides, being prone to the outer atmosphere, bed bugs can easily hide under the seats. It is highly essential to clean such seats which are used in common by many people with good quality disinfectants. Professional help can simplify the cleaning task to a great extent.

4. Picture frames and fluorescent lights: – You may be shocked that fluorescent lights are one of the best hiding places for bed bugs.

Most such electrical parts are unreachable by normal households and are cleaned rarely during leisure. This gives a good chance to bed bugs to secure them in a safe place where not even disinfectants can reach. Well, you will be needing the help of Pest Control Services to clean such parts as they use dedicated equipment to clean such hard to reach surfaces.

5. Dressers and Door Hinges: – Although the name says bed bugs, they can be found anywhere around your bed area. Dressers, where most of your cosmetics items are present, can be one of the most favorable places for bed bugs to live in by feeding on them. Meanwhile, door hinges which are often left untouched and are rarely cleaned can also be a good hiding place for bed bugs.

All these are possible hiding places for bed bugs, but there can be a lot of places around your bed area that can be a good place to stay for them. Finding all such spaces is too difficult for a normal household and may take days to clean them.

Thus, it is highly recommended to approach a renowned and reputed pest control services with enough experience in this field of bed bugs control.

At Pest Control Services in Rajasthan, we have the best team of experienced pest experts and technicians to ensure permanent relief from the bed bugs in your living space. We also provide emergency cleaning services if needed for patients and elderly people.

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