Best Natural Ways to get rid of Lizards at your Place

, Best Natural Ways to get rid of Lizards at your Place

Lizards are probably the most disgusting species one can find in the living space. They are creepy and no surprise that most people have a phobia of lizards. Apart from this, Lizards can spread harmful microbes by entering into your kitchen room easily. Besides, Food can turn poisonous after coming in contact with the lizards and can be fatal too. Thus, it is better to get rid of lizards soon after coming across even a single lizard anywhere.

However, the best way is to prevent the lizard’s infestation from your space before any harmful possibilities take place. Professional pest control Services in Rajasthan is the best way to prevent or get rid of lizards from your living place or working space. But, there are a few effective natural ways by using which you can get rid of Lizards at your place. Some of them include

1. Coldwater makes Lizard immobile: – It may be hard to believe, but ice water can make the lizards immobile. This condition is termed as torpidity and almost all types of lizards are vulnerable to ice water.

All you have to do is pour some ice water on the lizard whenever you see it in your living space.  This restricts the ability of lizards to move physically. Furthermore, this condition is the only reason due to which lizards are less seen in the winter season due to the unbearable cold.

2. Use onions: – Onions are rich in sulfur and release a pungent odor which makes the lizards feel uncomfortable. Thus, placing some pieces of onion in the corners of the house can restrict the entry of lizards.

You can also make onion juice and spray it on the walls using a dispenser to make the lizards abandon your space.  It is an effective way, but the sharp odor of the onions can also make the people inconvenient with tears.

3. Use garlic: – Garlic also has a strong odor similar to onions, which can keep the lizards away. You can similarly use garlic as onions. But the odor of garlic is not as strong as onion which makes the spray efficient and safe for the people around it. Similarly, placing the onions at the entry points or in the corner is also effective in keeping away lizards from your premises.

4. Use coffee powder and tobacco: – Coffee powder can cause adverse effects to the lizards and may lead to death as well. So, you have to take some coffee powder, mix it with tobacco, make some balls, and place them in the corners of the house. But, you should ensure that the balls are kept far from the reach of kids and pets.

5. Keep cats as pets: – If you have cats in your house then you may not come across lizards. Cats often run after lizards and other insects and never let them enter your house from any corner. Although cats never eat Lizards, they will make sure that lizards leave your house. It is one of the most effective methods to get rid of lizards but having a pet in the house is complicated for some families.

6. Peacock feathers: – It may sound weird but lizards are scared of the peacock feathers. As birds like peacocks eat lizards and many other insects, the traces of birds can be frightening for the lizards as well. You can hang the feathers in your room as it looks beautiful, and at the same time effective to prevent lizards as well.

Although all these natural ways are effective to keep the lizards away, all of them have some drawbacks as well. Some may be inconvenient to the people around the treated areas or some may be hazardous as well. Thus, the only safe yet efficient way to get permanent relief from Lizards is to hire professional pest control services.

With advanced equipment to dispense sprays or chemicals, we can make sure of permanent relief from lizards in your premises. We also use different treatment techniques and chemical barriers to the prevention of lizards. Besides, we have a decade of experience and highly skilled personnel on board to ensure effortless and effective solutions from lizards.

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