Checklist to Prevent Termites Early on at Your Premises

, Checklist to Prevent Termites Early on at Your Premises

Termites are possibly the most irritable pests that can be found in your living place or working space. Moreover, if you find a termite crawling somewhere on your premises, there is a high chance of having some of your valuables being destroyed by now.

Having termites around your premises can be extremely dangerous as well. This is why they feed on wood and can destroy not only your valuable papers, clothes, or furniture but also your wooden floor to a great extent. Termites make the floor hollow from inside which is quite dangerous. Therefore, it is better to prevent termites than talking time to use control measures.

Pest Control Services, the professional services for termite control in Jaipur can be the best choice for you to prevent termites from entering into your living space.

However, if you are looking to prevent termites on your own then things might get quite messy even if there are some working tips that you can use. A few of the effective tips to prevent termites early on your premises are as follows

1. Trim all the shrubs around your house:- Allow a minimum of 12 inches gap between your house and shrubbery around the exterior wall. This will create a good airflow thus drying the damp areas quicker. This won’t only keep termites away but also will be highly useful in discovering the termite tubes earlier than ever.

2. Keep sprinklers away from your house:- Sprinkler heads should always be kept faced away from the foundation of the house. Termites like moisture which is why it is essential to prevent moisture lock around your living space.

3. Prevent water leak and wooden things on the exterior:- Water leaks from the tank or during adverse conditions like rain are the major reasons for allowing termites into your house. Moreover, when such water leaks add up with wood, you can be ensured of seeing a colony behind it in two or three days. Thus, it is better to avoid wooden doors on the exterior side of your house besides avoiding water leaks.

4. Make a good vapor barrier:- Houses having crawl space underneath it can be an ideal space for termites if there is no proper vapor barrier. Make sure to avoid moisture in such areas as it not only allows termites but also gives an unpleasant odor as well.

These are the conventional preventive measures which can be carried on by a normal household to some extent to keep termite away from the house. But, if you want to be ensured of perfect prevention from termites, professional services for termite control in Ajmer is the only place that you have to look for.

Preventive measures from professional services

We at Pest Control Services lead in the services undertaking termite treatment in Jaipur by using high-end techniques, best termiticides, and advanced equipment. But, besides providing the termite control services, we can provide probably the best prevention services that you are looking for around your premises. Some of our preventive measures include

1. Pre-construction termite prevention:- We have eco-friendly insecticide which binds with the soil for a long time and terminates the termites entering inside the premises. Different types of products that affect the nervous system and cause instant knockdown are available with us.

These can be used while the construction of the building is going on and lasts longer than ever. These products are safe for other mammals as well as groundwater too.

2. Post-construction termite prevention:- We use high-end machinery for ant termite piping treatments and other techniques so that termites cant enter the premises for a long time. All eco friendly and WHO EPA approved chemicals are used in post-construction prevention measures.

Not only these, but you can also find a ton of other prevention measures and services for termite treatment in Ajmer and Jaipur. We have the most experienced team for the fieldwork with entomologists, technicians, pest control experts, and most skilled workers. Thus you can be ensured of the most reliable customer services that will surely meet your expectations.

However, it is best to prefer our professional services if you want to ensure a safe environment for your families after the treatment is completed due to harsh chemicals in the random exterminators found in the market.

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