Cockroach control is one of the most taxing pest control issues. Cockroach Control in Jaipur advice using a combination of control methods as cockroaches are resistant to many insecticides. Hence, one method never does the trick. Below is the list of few DIY methods that you can implement.

Sticky Traps:
a) The first step is to determine the origin of cockroach infestation.
b) Sticky traps help us to find the source of infestation.
c) Distribute the traps in a variety of locations, especially in areas where cockroaches are usually sighted.
d) Be sure traps are placed tightly against walls or objects so cockroaches cannot go around them.
e) Place them in areas where cockroaches are likely to occur, e.g. in cupboards and around refrigerators, stoves, and sinks.

Insecticidal control:
a)After placing sticky traps, record the number of cockroaches trapped.
b)Apply insecticides near the traps with the largest catches.
c)Options for insecticide treatment of cockroaches are baits, dust (powders), and sprays (liquid or aerosol).

a)Cockroach baits are usually available in ready-to-use plastic child-proof containers.
b)Make sure you follow the label directions.
c)Baits can be placed in very precise locations without making them too obvious.

Boric Acid:
a)Though baits can help in cockroach control, they are less effective in initial use.
b)You can strengthen the baits by applying boric acid, a type of inorganic dust.
c)Place boric acid in remote places, such as under refrigerators, stoves and sinks.
d)Avoid applying boric acid where children and pets can reach.
e)Boric Acid will kill any cockroach that comes in contact with them. Any dead cockroach will be eaten by others. Hence, all the cockroaches that eat the dead ones are likely to die.

a) Many insecticide sprays are available in market.
b) Spray in precise, specific sites in cracks and crevices behind sinks, cabinets, around drains and plumbing, and other sites as mentioned in the instructions.
c) It is not necessary to spray on flat surfaces like countertops, floor surfaces, etc.
d) Avoid contaminating food, dishes, or utensils.
e) Growth regulator is a spray that addresses the reproductive side of things.
f) When applied to immature cockroaches’, it damages their ability to reproduce. This helps in dealing the problem at the source.

Avoid using aerosol foggers and bombs as they are unable to reach the cracks and crevices where cockroaches hide. It also increases the exposure of pesticides to people and pets.

Cockroach control in buildings usually requires the help of an experienced Pest Control Services.

Pheromone Traps:
Pheromone traps are an effective form of cockroach control as well.
a) The traps emit a pheromone scent that cockroaches interpret as another cockroach ready to mate.
b) They are attracted to the trap, head inside for some good times, and quickly find them stuck and dying.
c) The best approach to cockroach control includes utilizing all of the above tactics combined with sanitation, harborage reduction, and other nonchemical efforts.

If you’re facing cockroach infestation, it’s best to call in Pest Control Services who have experience in effective cockroach control. You can even buy the above-mentioned products from

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