Conquering the Unconquerable: Cockroach Control in Jaipur
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Conquering the Unconquerable: Cockroach Control in Jaipur


Cockroaches are extremely adaptable making them difficult to eliminate. Cockroach Control in Jaipur will share few techniques to keep cockroaches away.

Cockroaches are serious threat to household as they carry a range of serious illnesses, including food poisoning, dysentery, diphtheria, gastroenteritis and typhoid. Cockroaches have been identified as a major source of powerful allergens, often the cause of asthma and allergies. The health risk is particularly high in homes with children and the elderly.

Effective Ways to Keep Cockroaches Away

1.Seal and deal
The first step is to seal all the possible entry points of cockroaches. Entry points are likely to be gaps under doors or around pipes to the exterior or neighbouring places. It’s important to seal the cracks and crevices in the walls especially around skirting boards or behind electrical sockets.

2. Hunger Strike
The second step is to deny them food and water. Its important to store food in containers or in sealed plastic bags. Ensure that you clean all waste food and spillages immediately. Clean food debris from under fridges or cookers. Sources like pet food dishes, drains, dishwashers, trash cans, etc. should be maintained, cleaned and/or stored properly. Don’t accumulate clutter as German Cockroaches can often be found in large number in cardboard and in between newspapers. Inspect items such as used furniture or appliances for cockroaches before bringing them home

3. Do it yourself Approach
The third step is trying to deal with cockroaches at your level when they are few in number. You can use homemade insect killers like Boric Acid Paste, Baking Soda Paste or Soap and Water solution. You can find the method of preparation online. Roaches gain resistance over time to pesticides so it is important to stay current with the best treatment options available on the market. There are a range of readymade DIY insect killers that are effective on cockroaches. Please follow the instructions to ensure safe and effective use. Pest Control in Jaipur recommends calling experts if DIY approach doesn’t help.

4. Time to call experts
The fourth step is to call in the pest control experts as sometimes it’s difficult to reach all cockroach hiding places with amateur products. Infestations are likely to reoccur especially when surviving cockroach eggs hatch after one or two months, or when not all hiding places have been treated. Depending on the species and size of infestation, your local pest control surveyor might suggest bait or insecticide spray treatments to keep cockroaches out of your home. They usually employ traps such as glue boards in areas where cockroaches may travel or hide. Another method can be proper applications of products such as baits and residuals to cracks/crevices, harbourage areas and the exterior of the home.
If the conditions are good, and temperatures sufficient, as is the case all around the year in most parts of India, cockroaches breed rapidly. They are one of the most adaptable pests and have developed resistances to a number of insecticides. Hence, it’s necessary to eliminate them. You can inquire at Pest Control Services for best possible products available for Cockroach Control. You can also visit Pest Control Online to know more about such products.


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