How Bad Can Termites’ Damage Be?

, How Bad Can Termites’ Damage Be?

In India, termites destroy stuff worth billions yearly. They feed on furniture, books, insulation, and even pool liners and channels. They also destroy trees and bushes and especially plants in awful condition. Termites can plague structures at any time. A termite investigation and report are typically needed to sell a home.

Termite Timeline

Termites demolish homes by feeding wood items like furniture. They have exceptional proteins, microorganisms, and protozoa in their guts that permit them to process cellulose present in woods. The biggest underground termites can finish a pound of wood each day. The damage is unnoticeable as they gradually destroy the furniture of the home, regularly without your insight. Colonies of Termite can take 3-5 years to completely develop.

Indications of Damage

If you see termite damaged surfaces it can be infested over years. A few indications of termites in your house include:

1. While tapping on the wood with weighty items, you can get the hollow sound which determines it’s damaged. Similarly, a bubble in wall paints or peeling also indicates that.

2. They can burrow through the little section openings of the drywall. Underground termites can leave earth on the divider as their bodies have interacted with soil.

3. Clasping roofs and dividers, indications of water damage, or labyrinth-like bulge in wood structures show that the termites reside.

4.Termites can do significant damage to the building which can result in the collapsing of walls and ceilings. Termites can likewise demolish furniture, covering, and ground surface.

Termites have a feature that they don’t sleep. These are the insects that function as simple organisms that do not require sleep for recharging themselves.

Again, when it comes to the right conditions that can feed on the home for 24 hours 365 days a year, and for that, they won’t require any Flashlight for doing the job. The termite workers are born blind and are well equipped with all the instincts that are good enough for them to do their job with efficiency and no requirement of sight.

Usually, the termites leave very few signs. When it comes to the subterranean termites damaging the home, you will see that they consume the evidence. When compared to the carpenter ants, these termites eat the wood and start carrying it back inside the gut for sharing with the other termites in the colony.

One of the first signs that you will see as a homeowner is the appearance of the flying termites in your home that are referred to as swarms. However, some people usually mistake them for the impending infestation rather than what they usually are. This evidence is from it the mature Colony on the property. It takes more than three years for the colony to mature and when it reduces the swarms, by then, there is a lot of damage caused to the property.

Does sucking the leftovers help?

In case the homeowner sucks those leftovers and vacuums while ignoring the issue, then the mature Colony starts continuing feeding and with time, it becomes such that the swarms start establishing another Colony on the property.

The subterranean termites leave little to no evidence of their survival. These insects usually start building mud tubes for travelling from the soil into the home. When these signs become obvious, an indication by then they start usually creating into the hard to see places.

The colony likes to crawl on spaces like the Deck that become the right breeding grounds for these termites.

Now the question is how much damage these termites do to the property. Over time, these swarms start completely feeding on your home resulting in bulging walls, ceilings becoming bulged inside, and so on.

There is a lot of damage that is caused inside the wood that becomes hard to track. In case you want to be away from all such problems, is worth considering taking the strategy for removing them in the required time. If you leave them, then they become a potential threat to the home and can cause damage to the business as well.


Termite infestation can be stopped with the occasional expert inspection. It can help you recognise the damage indications very early. Any expert termite control plan ought to kill termites, forestall future termite invasions, and stop infestations. In case you have a termite infestation you can contact the specialised team for having a thorough inspection of your properties.

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