Pest Control in Jaipur: 5 Ways to Detect Presence of Pests
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Pest Control in Jaipur: 5 Ways to Detect Presence of Pests


A stitch in time saves nine. Keeping that in mind, Pest Control Services in Jaipur helps us in spotting pest infestation in time to save our time and money. Pests are sneaky creatures who manage to find places to stay in our own house without our knowledge. As many pests come out only at night, you are not likely to notice them until it is too late. If you are vigilant then you can find subtle signs indicating their presence.

Signs of Pests – Where to Start Searching
Though pests can be anywhere in the house, there are three high risk areas that should be checked as often as possible.

1.Main Centre: Kitchen.
Kitchen is primary area owing to the food and drainage pipes of sinks. Drainage pipes serve as entry points for pests.

2.Link with Outside World :
Any appliances or any tool which connects the outside world with home becomes entry points for pests. Eg. Doors, windows, drainage pipes etc.

3.Storage Rooms :
This is most cozy place for pests. As it is easy to access, this is where you are most likely to find evidence of an infestation. Storage room serves as picnic ground for pests as it is warm, sheltered and has plenty of things to nibble on.

Signs of Pests: What to look for
1.Noise : I am here
Though pests are tiny, they are by no means silent. Best way to try listening to them is at night as that is the time when they are most active

2. Smell : Phewww..
If you are in kitchen or storage room, try to smell and check for musky odour or some weird smell. While searching for source of smell, it can lead to the next item on our list i.e. concrete evidence of pest infiltration.

3. Nesting : Home Sweet Home
Once pests find a warm place to stay and food to eat, they reproduce. They will do this in the darker, less-populated areas of your home, such as behind appliances, in wall cavities or within loft insulation. However, smell is a strong indicator of it, so follow the smell!!!

4. Damage damage everywhere
Rodents usually will chew anything since it helps them keep their teeth in regular size. They tend to eat anything :pipes, insulation, wood, plastics, wires, etc.

Be it urine or faecal matter, the waste of a pest is not only a clear sign of their presence, but also a presence of dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria and virus. Ensure that any contaminated area is cleaned after contact.

Next Steps :
Even if you don’t spot the list of above signs, it’s important to keep up a routine checking for these simple signs to catch pests early. And if you come across the evidence of pests then you can either use DIY pest control approach or calls the experts.

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