The Early Warning Signs of Bed Bugs to Look Out For

bed bugs, The Early Warning Signs of Bed Bugs to Look Out For

Bed Bugs are probably the most irritating pests one can find around as they are meant to destroy the restful night after day-long stress and hectic working schedule. If you are going through such a worse situation on your beloved bed, Pest Control Services is your one-stop solution for the best possible Bed Bugs Control in Jaipur.

But, if you are familiar with the destruction and the negative impacts of the bed bugs infestation, you should be thinking of preventing it rather than treatment. Well, you are in the right spot. Here you can find the early signs of Bed Bugs that you should look out for. So, let’s dive in!

1.Blood Stains on the Mattress:

It is possible that you may find small blood spots on the mattress. These spots may not look like blood unless you are using bright mattresses like white ones. Bed bugs are basically the blood eaters which leave blood traces behind, mainly on the mattress and bedsheets.

These are the digested blood that bed bugs defecate on the fabrics. Not only on the mattress, but you can also find the spots on other furniture like sofas and chairs.

If you have ever come across such stains on your furniture, scan the top of the mattress for any other marks and look under the mattress for any possible inspection.

Normally, bed bugs don’t attack until they are already under the mattress for a few days already. So, it is better to hire an experienced Pest Control Service for the best treatment for a bed bug.

2. Unpleasant odor:

The bloodstains you noticed on the mattress are not only the defecated blood, it also contains the dead bugs which are crushed and killed unknowingly in your sleep. Although bed bugs don’t travel in groups and make colonies, the threat or the sense of survival attracts other bed bugs as well.

The unpleasant odor that you get from your mattress is of the infestation that is populating for many days on your bed.

You may find the smell similar to leftover food which is known as an alarm pheromone. This is a part of the defense mechanism that almost all bed bugs have to alert other bugs of the possible threat.

As the smell varies all the time, you don’t need to sense the same smell always. So, it is better to take help from the Pest Control Service as soon as you notice any smell other than the natural fragrance of your room.

3. Bite Marks on your body: 

For some houses that have proper ventilation, bite marks are not taken so seriously assuming that they can be mosquito bites. But, if you are coming across such marks often, it is a possible sign of bed bugs infestation.

Bed Bug bites are almost similar to a mosquito bite with one difference. You can feel the mosquito bite right away, but in the case of bed bugs, bites are painless at first but it gets itchy and swells up later.

The best way to ensure whether it is a bed bug bite is to notice the part where you frequently come across such marks. Bed bugs often bite on your neck, ankles, or arms. So, it’s better to take a look all over the surface and under the bed sheet and call for professional help in case of infestation.

4. Eggshells or shed skins:

Apart from the bloodstains and odor, you can also come across the shredded skins with a yellowish tint to them. This is basically the exoskeletons of the bed bugs that they shed away occasionally.

You may also find eggs on your bed sheet or mattress which is white. If you have found those signs on your mattress, it is already late as you may find many infested places now or then all around your living space. So, you should hurry up now to apply the advanced techniques from the experienced services for bed bug control.


5. Rusty spots of bed bugs:

Bed Bugs infestation may cause rusty spots on your mattresses and chances are you may find them all over your house on all fabrics.

If you notice any of these signs in your living place or working space, Pest Control service is a better choice as the use of any random chemicals may cause side effects.

Such experienced services use safe and approved chemicals along with proper dispensers and advanced equipment. Thus, they ensure a safe environment besides permanent relief from bed bugs.

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