Top 5 Deadly Species Threatening Your Home

, Top 5 Deadly Species Threatening Your Home

Being in Rajasthan, you should have come across several species crawling around your living place or working space. However, most of these species are known to lead to severe health traits to humans, animals, and the environment as well. Not only heath, but there are also many species that can cause damage to your property and valuable possessing as well.

Such species can spread in your premises in both intentional and unintentional ways and can cause severe damage before you even notice them. They multiply rapidly in the targeted space thus creating a greater impact than your expectation.

Finding the type of species is highly essential in order to stay aware of their adverse effects and also to know proper treatment for them. Thus, Pest Control Services in Jaipur can be the best choice.

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Here are five deadly species that can threaten your home causing threats of life and property to a great extent.

1. Asian Longhorned Ticks: Ticks are known to be quite irritable pests in the living space but these LongHorned Ticks that have emerged in Asia are a step further in spreading diseases. These ticks can transmit deadly diseases to both humans and animals as well.

The specialty of this ticks is that the females can reproduce without a male and multiplies rapidly. These ticks spread  Ehrlichiosis, Japanese Spotted fever, Khasan virus, and Powassan virus as well. But, one of the most known diseases that is first spotted from these ticks is SFTS (Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome)

The best way to get rid of these ticks is to take the help of professional Pest Control Services in Jaipur. This is because they need high-end treatments with effective chemicals and equipment as well. Professionals can detect the most affected areas, treat the area, and take necessary steps to prevent such ticks from your premises.

2. Spotted Lanternflies: Fortunately, these species are not present in Asia, but most of the western countries and regions like New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut have already witnessed the threat from these flies. These Lanternflies feed on the sap of many kinds of trees and plants which makes it dreadful for the logging industries and mainly grape trees full of sap.

These flies lay their egg masses on rocks, wooden furniture, and tree as well which can develop at a rapid pace. In case you find such eggs of the Lanternflies around your field, then you should surely call for professional help as they can destroy your agriculture within a few days.

3. Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs: These Bugs were first found in Pennsylvania in the later 90s and since then it is one of the most irritating bugs found in more than 44 states globally. By the name itself, these bugs release a very bad odor when crushed by mistake or when they die. If you have crushed it somehow on your pillow or on your dress, then you will have to wash it more than once to get rid of that odor. These bugs enter the home premises from the holes, open the door, and from windows. You must patch all such holes to avoid the stink of these stink bugs.

To avail, the bug control services at your premise contact us now.

4. Red Imported Fire Ants: Unlike other ants that get frightened up from humans, these RIFA ants are known to attack humans if their nest is disturbed or threatened. They have spread all across the globe, mostly in the western U.S, southern part, and most western countries since the early 90s. RIFA ants are mostly seen around trees or shrubs and their bite is too painful as their name. You should seal all kinds of holes and closures in HVAC systems to prevent these ants from your premises. Professional Pest Control Services will be needed in this case to make a chemical barrier for cracks and crevices.

5. Formosan Termites: From all other species mentioned in this list, Formosan Termites are the most destructive ones. They can completely destroy the wooden furniture, papers, clothes, and files even before you notice the affected area.

Besides, they can also make the wooden floor shallow from inside which leads to weakening of the foundation which is too dangerous in adverse weather conditions. Professional termite inspection followed by the high-end termite treatments using advanced types of equipment is required to prevent those termites.

We at Pest Control Services are all over Rajasthan and can provide high-quality services that will certainly meet your expectations from every sense. You can also completely rely on our customer services that are meant to support our customers in every aspect possible.

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