What Is the Best Non-Toxic Way to Control Termites at Your Place?

, What Is the Best Non-Toxic Way to Control Termites at Your Place?

Termites are one of the most dangerous species to have around your premises. Besides being an easy vector for numerous disease-spreading microbes, these pests can cause a great loss of property. Termite feeds on wood, paper clothes, and what not! But, the worst thing about the termites is that you won’t even notice the affected areas until destruction is done.

Coming across an affected area with all your valuables in one place is probably the worst nightmare. However, the only permanent solution for termites is to approach a reputed Pest Control Services in Rajasthan.

With advanced equipment and high-end termite control techniques, the professional associates of such companies ensure long term relief from termites. One of the best things about hiring professional services is it is safe and effective at a time. You can’t be ensured of safety by using random chemicals as exterminators as they can be hazardous for human beings as well. However, a few ways are using which you can protect your home without any chemicals. Some of them include:  –

1. Having Nematodes: – Nematodes are the creatures that feed on the termites. Several types of worms can deliver multiple benefits. The presence of worms is also beneficial for the fertility of the soil. However, having nematodes is a non-toxic yet effective way to prevent or terminate termites from your premises.

2. Proper sunlight: – One of the top reasons for the entry of termite into the living place of working space is moisture. Termites like to stay in the humid places having excess moisture or water content. Sunlight reduces the moisture content from the soil and dries up excess water as well.

Thus, if you can make sure of proper sunlight in your space, then you can prevent termites to a great extent. Even the infected furniture or affected areas can be treated easily by exposing them to sunlight. It is the easiest way to get rid of termites and prevent their population in the future as well.

3. Cleansing Agents like Vinegar: – Use of Vinegar is probably the cheapest way to control termites. They are the most effective cleaning agents and are commonly found in every house.

All you have to do is mix some lemon juice with vinegar and spray on the affected areas. However, frequent use of Vinegar all around the space can prevent termite from entering. A few days of spraying are enough to make sure of a termite-free environment.

4. Using Borax powder: – Borates is the most renowned non-toxic way to control termites. These powder acts like a poison on the termites and can control the termite population to a great extent. You can find Borax powder easily in the market. These powders are mostly used for the carrom board due to good firmness.

This method of controlling termite infestation using Borates is effective only when used continuously for a prolonged period. Furthermore, you should also make sure whether the consistency ratio of water and borax powder is good enough to show results.

5. Use of Neem Oil: – Neem oil has an odd smell but has good anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties as well. But, it is also an effective measure to control and prevent termites. It regulates the natural growth of the termites and also stops the growth. All you have to do is apply the Neem oil on the affected areas to see the results.

There are some other ways to control or prevent termites from affecting your area. But, most of these prevention measures or control methods are not meant for all kinds of termites or all levels of infestation.

However, they are effective to some extent in preventing the termites from around your premises. Thus, the best possible way so far is to hire professional services with good experience in termite treatment.

From proper inspection for termites affected areas to the preventive measures, they provide every relative service. Besides, when it comes to safety, professional service is probably the best option. All the chemicals used by Pest Control Services in Rajasthan are WHO EPA certified as safe for the environment as well as non-targeted species.

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