Where do Pests hide themselves in the Winter?

, Where do Pests hide themselves in the Winter?

Most of us think that winter is not for pests and we can relax with double-layered clothes and fireside by. On contrary to this, the summer season is considered the worst season as we can find pests all over. But the fact is quite different from this.

There are many types of animals that go into hibernation, and a few birds start to migrate south for pleasing weather. But, this is not the case with pests. Instead, most pests start finding hiding places and some pests enter the home for food sources. You may not find all the pests that you were coming across during the summer season but once the temperature gets settled; you will be attacked at once. Thus winter is indeed the best time to eliminate pests from your premises.

On the other hand, the cold climate is the best time for the microbes to spread using vectors.  Pests like Cockroaches, ants, mice, and spiders, which are commonly seen in the winter season, are the easiest way to transmit dreadful diseases.

Hiring a Pest Control Services company can solve your problem to control pest entry permanently in winter. But, there are few hiding spaces of pests that you should be familiar with. Some of such hiding places for different pests in winter include

1. Ants: – In other seasons, ants are found on the kitchen counter or kitchen windows, but this is not the case in winter. Once ants find food, they indulge in their highest potential to save the fat on their body.

The amount of fat and the productivity decreases with time and thus they go inside the soil and seal their colony. This process continues until the temperature starts to rise again. Once the temperature is on the ant’s favor, the attack will be with full rage.

2. Cockroaches: – Different types of cockroaches have different strategies for surviving. Most cockroaches are commonly seen in almost every season. But some species of cockroaches like German and American have different survival tactics.

German cockroaches keep themselves closer to the food and moisture always. Thus these types are often found in the kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, American Cockroaches stay outside in summer or humid season but when the temperature exceeds they get into residential or commercial spaces.

3. Mosquitoes:- You have certainly noticed that mosquitoes are rarely seen in the winter season. This is because most mosquitoes hibernate in protected places like logs, hollow woods, and on trees as well. Once the temperature starts increasing, those female mosquitoes seek blood and come out of the hiding places.

4. Termites: – The termites which are commonly seen in the southern part follow the same hiding strategy as of the ants. They dig deeper into the soil to stay warm. However, some termites like Dry wood termites get into dry wood for shelter in the winter season. But, they come out of their nest soon after spring arrives and start their destruction by entering into houses and commercial spaces.

5. Bed bugs: – Bed Bugs are probably the worst type of pests that you can come across. They are highly resistant to all temperature conditions and can be found in almost all seasons. Besides, the winter season is the only season in which there is more chance of bed bugs infestation in your house. Thus, it is better to look for the control techniques or approach a professional pest control service to get a permanent solution from bed bugs.

Although this information regarding the common pests can help you a lot to prevent them, it would be best to leave control treatment to professionals. Reputed Pest Control Services in Rajasthan is probably the safest way to control bed bugs infestation. They have advanced types of equipment followed by the most effective chemical barriers which could prevent the pests in the future.

Professional services also perform a wide inspection of the affected areas and hiding places by using detectors and traces. These inspections ensure permanent relief from the pests in the next season. Chemical barriers with an environment-friendly composition also ensure long-lasting solutions from the targeted pests like termites, cockroaches, and rodents, etc.

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